How To: Cheat A Blow Dry | Six Simple Steps To Give Kate Middleton A Run For Her Money by Sandy of

I've made no secret of my addiction to blowdries, but I've always struggled to achieve that salon-look at home - enter Sandy from ! Not only does Sandy run one of my new favourite blogs  (her nail art is insane!) but she has hair to die for and so I am handing over TBG to Sandy for todays post...

Nothing puts a spring in my step quite like a fresh blow dry. Cue a few Kate Middleton impressions and LOTS of Pantene worthy hair-swishing. A good blow dry can turn a bad day into an amazing day. But apparently, having a personal hair stylist on hand (with bionic blow dry arms that never get achey) isn't a very realistic aim for somebody that isn't actually royalty. So here’s a minimal effort method to recreate the blow dry look yourself.

1. The key to a long lasting ‘do isall in the prep, so run a little styling spray through the lengths to create more hold.  I love the VO5 Blow Dry Lotion £4.99, which actually works just as well on damp or dry hair

2. Section the hair

3. Taking your curling iron horizontally, curl each section of the hair rolling the hair iron towards you

4. While each section is still hot, clip in place with a crocodile clip or bobby pin and leave for as long as possible

5.  Remove all the clips and give your hair a good shake out to loosen the curls.

6. Then run take some spray wax or hairspray on your palms and scrunch through the ends.

And that’s it!

 Now you may have just recoiled in horror as you read the words 'spray  wax' but it's actually a little bit genius. It gives your hair so much more hold than a regular hairspray alone as well as thickening it up a bit, and a great bargain buy is the Toni & Guy Spray Wax £7.99. The trick is just to start slowly and be careful not to apply too much. You can use any size tong you like, and a firm fave of mine is the Babyliss Volume Waves Curling Iron £20. It has a 1 1/2 inch barrel making it perfect for the looser waves you get from a blow dry.

So I will admit, it doesn’t beat being primped to perfection while you sit back and relax, but for when you've watched too much TOWIE, seen one too many Cheryl Cole ads and your craving a blow dry fix, it works an absolute treat. I would love to know your tips for cheating a blow dry, a girl can never have too many!

Can I just have Sandy's hair please!!?? 

Make sure you head on over to absolutebeaut - I guarantee it will become one of your favourite blogs. Have any of you mastered the at-home-blowdry?


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