April Favourites

Doesn't it feel like 2013 is just flying by?! I honestly can't quite believe we're now into May and hurtling full force towards the Summer. April saw a plethora of products grace my dressing table but these select few are the ones I've reached for the most...

Starting with skincare, I finally got my mitts on the cult classic Bioderma Micelle Solution (£9.99) and have been loving removing my makeup with it as it removes absolutely all traces (including waterproof mascara - and I wear A LOT - and stubborn lipstick) but leaves behind absolutely no residue and is gentle enough to use daily on my sensitive skin. It really is exactly like water that removes makeup and I've also used on no makeup days in place of using a cleanser&water - I will definitely be repurchasing   Next up is the beautiful limited edition version of the best selling (one sold every minute!) Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (£99*), it feels so light and whipped and just gorgeous on application and leaves the skin feeling so incredibly soft and smooth it has just been an absolute delight to use - and the super cute packaging is an added bonus.  The AestheticCare 0.5% Retinol Retriderm (£40 - only available in Salons/MediSpas) was recommended to me by my wonderful facialist Tara at the fantastic Jill Zander salon for improving my skin tone (retinol is brilliant for sun damage, fine lines, enlarged pores and acne scars/marks) and I started by using it every third night and after two weeks now use it every other night - I've really seen a difference in my skin and have not had any of the negative reactions you usually find with such strong skincare (A story I told the girls at the salon is when I started using the Jan Marini bioclear glycolic products aged about 15 my face became so red, sore and flaky that a boy at school literally recoiled in horror at the sight of me one morning and asked me why my face was falling off).  Skinetica (£9.99*) is billed as an alternative spot/blemish treatment which is kind to skin and has no side effects, as mentioned in the 'skin falling off' story, harsh spot busting products tend to practically burn my face so I've stepped away from them recently and Skinetica has been a great addition as it applies basically like water (you apply it using a cotton pad after washing your face, before any other creams, and wait a minute or two for it to air dry) has been really effective at calming any breakouts and there are 110% NO side effects - no redness,dryness or flakiness and it's the only blemish fighting product I have ever been able to use under foundation. Finally another product to add to my dry-skin-busting arsenal is the Lush Dream Cream (£10.95) which is just absolutely positively wonderful at combating dry patches. Originally bought for my boyfriend after seeing so any Bloggers raving about it on Twitter, it was left languishing unused in his bedroom so I demanded it back and am so happy that I did. I'm not surprised at all that it is the number one selling product at Lush, it's brilliant and I highly, highly recommend it.

Makeup-wise I have been continuing my love affair with a more natural, sheer coverage and have been reaching for my Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (£29) and DiorSkin Nude BB Cream (£30) every single day without fail. These two beauties have been living in my makeup bag and I flit between using them on their own or mixed together - I cannot find fault with either of these two fabulous products. I have incredibly oily skin on my T-zone so will use powder without fail after applying my foundation and use it throughout the day for touch-ups, my current go-to products are the Maybelline Fit Me Powder in shade 125 (£5.99I also have the shade 225 for when I'm slightly less pale!) and a repurchase of a product I originally picked up in Sephora in Florida and absolutely adored during my 'Gap Yah' travels, The Balm 'Sexy Mama' (£13), an anti shine translucent powder that I am once again adoring as it's cute, it works, did I mention it was cute and its tiny enough to fit inside practically any handbag. I picked up Sexy Mama from the & Other Stories store in Regent Street (you know, the one that every Blogger and their pet cat has been raving about recently) and I haven't yet seen it for sale anywhere else in the UK so big thumbs up to & Other Stories for stocking it and the store is definitely worth a peruse as it contains some hidden gems, another of which is the Bronzer Brush (£10) I purchased on a  whim after having a little play with it in store, as it's super soft and the perfect size for fuss free and flawless bronzer application, the one downside is that it will shed if you are applying it onto slightly tacky skin (e.g if you've just applied your foundation) so a quick glance in the mirror wouldn't go amiss after using. Last but certainly not least is the most divine nail polish from Rococo in the shade 'Sandrine' (£12 *), it's a proper 'grown up' cool Parisian blue, is a dream to apply and lasts forever - I must have worn it at least five times last month - photo here!

Finished - Phew!


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