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My poor tresses are crying out for some TLC so recently I've found myself perusing the hair-care section and finding myself drawn towards anything promising to help me with Project Healthy Hair. Here are a few of the products I've picked up to aid me in my quest...

The Redken All Sofy Heavy Cream (£16.60)  is a repurchase, I love this for both a quick-fix and as an overnight intensive treatment as it immediately leaves the hair feeling super soft and looking sleek and shiny but also contains avocado oil, amino acids and proteins. The Redken All Soft Argan Oil (£20.80) is a new purchase as I'm a little bit (slash totally and utterly) obsessed with hair oils as you can use them as a pre-shampoo treatment, pre-blow-dry shield, post-blow dry smoother and softener and as an intensive overnight treatment (other faves include Clynol Glow Precious Oil and Kérastase Elixir Ultime  - as mentioned in my March Favourites) and this one caught my eye as it contains omega-6 enriched Argan oil plus keratin. The Redken  Extreme CAT Protein Treatment (£13.48) has been a staple of mine for about five years and I actually reviewed it way back in 2009 and it's basically a saviour for repairing over-processed hair - it wont leave it feeling silky and smooth, in fact you need to follow this with a heavy duty moisturing treatment and don't even attempt to comb your hair while this stuff is working it's magic, but it really gets to the heart of actually repairing the damaged hair. The Redken Time Reset Corrective Defense (£14.20) is another new purchase and I'm intending to use this each time I wash my hair as it promises to 'revitalise hair providing internal support with intra-cylane; replenish moisture, softness and shine with camellia oil; protect with anti-oxidant green tea; repair the surface of the cuticle with peptides and ceramide and prevent further damage with anti-ageing UV filters.'. The Philip Kinsgely Elastxicer Extreme (£44.30) is a repurchase and is just an absolute godsend, it's aimed at 'very dry, porous and thirsty hair' which sums mine up perfectly! The advice I got back in the summer of 2010 from the Philip Kingsley PR's was to use it before each shampoo (you wet your hair before shampooing and apply to mid-lengths and ends, whack on the included shower cap and leave for 20-60 minutes, rinse thoroughly et voila) until the condition improves so this is what I plan on doing. Finally two bits from Moroccan oil, both repurchases, the Original Morrocan Oil Treatment (£12.85) which I used a few years ago -didn't fall in love with but really want to - mainly due to to the fact that it's constantly recommended to me and everyone raves about how its 'transformed' their hair (so transform mine please!) and the Morrocan Oil Restorative Hair Mask (£30.45) which is an extremely thick, balm-like mask (you need to scoop out a bit and warm betwen your palms before applying) which is just great for both repairing and moisturising the hair and I always use overnight as an intensive treatment (be sure to rinse thoroughly or it can leave hair a bit greasy).

After I apply any hair mask (except the Redken Extreme CAT Protein one) I'll use a hairdryer on a medium heat setting and gently blowdry my hair whilst combing the product through, then wrap my hair up into my Soap & Glory Turban  then gently heat the turban itself as well with the hairdryer - take serious note of the *GENTLY* as I did end up with a scorch mark and alarming burning smell when I attempted this on full-heat - and leave for at least an hour. I try as often as possible to leave masks on overnight to get the best results.

Please, please pleaaasseee let me know your favourite hair masks and treatments! 

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