Want to be on TV? | Have you had a permanent beauty treatment that you are seriously considering getting removed? Channel 4 needs YOU for a new series called 'Beauty Regrets'

 Have you made beauty decisions you now regret? A good friend of mine works in the world of TV and has informed me that Channel 4 is looking for women and men who want to reverse beauty treatments they wish they'd never had to take part in an exciting new series called 'Beauty Regrets' that explores the reasons and motivations behind doing, and undoing, beauty decisions...

Are you considering getting rid of tattoos, having piercings taken out, erasing permanent make up, having breast implants removed or made smaller? Do you worry you’ve seriously damaged your hair after having extensions?  Perhaps bad bonds and glue have left you with bald patches?

 If you've had a permanent treatment and are seriously considering getting the work undone, we are interested in speaking to you.

I thought this may very well appeal/apply to some of my readers or their friends and family, so if you would like more information please email for an application form at beautyregrets@endemoluk.com or call on 0333 577 7741*. Visit the Channel 4 Website for more details.
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