The Button-Undoer Three Cheese Burger Recipe

The boy and I took inspiration from Rosie's mouth-watering 3 Cheese Roq Star Burgers creation and decided to attempt our own version - which shall henceforth be known as 'The Button-Undoer'.

This is a decidedly decadent dish and will result in top-button undoing and the induction of a serious food coma. After polishing off his last bite, the boy literally sighed with happiness, sank bank into the sofa and declared 'Email her, just email that girl right now and tell her thank you.' 

The key to the wondefull-ness of this burger is the delectable combination of the copious amounts of gooey, oozy grilled cheeses, in particular the amazing kick to the taste-buds delivered by the addition of blue cheese in between each layer. For my 'base' cheeses (the layer of cheese added to the patty and then placed under the grill) I went for: Goats Cheese and Cheddar whilst the boy opted for Mozzarella and Cheddar.

You will need:

-Beef burger patties 
-Burger Bun/Lightly Toasted Plain Bagel
-2 of the following as your 'Base' Cheeses: Goats Cheese/Cheddar/Mozzarella/Feta
-Saint Agur Blue Cheese/ (or Roquefort a la Rosie)
 -Tomato (neither of us like so we left it out - a possible crime against burgers?)
'Burger Sauce' (In my case, ketchup and mayonnaise, the boy went for mayonnaise and Nando's peri peri hot sauce)


-Place a non-stick frying pain on a high heat - don't add any oil. 
-Turn the grill on to a medium heat.
-Salt and Pepper your beef burger patties and place them into the pan. Top Tip from Rosie/Jamie (and demonstrated beautifully in the photos by my sous chef boyfriend) - be sure to use the back of the spatula to really squish the burgers down into the pan.  Repeat this step on both sides.
-Cook them to your liking for roughly 3 or 4 minutes on each side.
-When cooked, place burgers onto a baking tray and smother each patty in the two 'base' cheeses of your choice. (Photo shows my goats cheese and cheddar slices.)
-Place under the grill for a further 3-4 minutes.
-We used bagels, so at this point we popped the sliced bagel into the toaster to lightly toast. 
-Use the time the burgers are under the grill (and the bagels in the toaster) to get your personal brand of burger sauce ready!
-When the cheese has become a wonderful oozing mess, completely covering the patties, take them out from under the grill......


-Bun Bottom
-First burger/cheese smothered patty
-Burger Sauce
-Crumbled Saint Agur Blue Cheese
-Second burger/cheese smothered patty
-Burger Sauce
-Crumbled Saint Agur Blue Cheese
-Bun Top

& smush together.

& Eat.

& enjoy the food coma.

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