Oreo Cheese Cake Bites | Recipe

I took inspiration for these divine little Oreo cheesecake bites from the fabulous Nouvelle Daily. They're super cute, super quick, super easy, super tasty - and involves next to no culinary skill whatsoever (phew!)

 You will definitely need:

Oreos (two packets)
1/3 Cup sugar
1 Cup double cream
250g Cream cheese
1 Teaspoon vanilla essence 
1 Teaspoon gelatine 
Muffin tray
Cupcake cases
Electric whisk

A Helpful addition:

Person with more patience/coordination/strength/skill than you.

Step one
Place the cupcake cases onto a tray and add an Oreo to each of the cases. 
-Save 4 Oreos to use later as sprinkles.

Step two
 -Measure out your ingredients: 
- 250g Cream cheese. 1/3 Cup sugar1 Cup double cream

Step three
- Add the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence into a bowl.
-Heat your gelatine and add 1 teaspoon (We used Dr Oatker powdered gelatine)

 Step four
 - In a separate bowl whip the double cream (Use aforementioned strong/coordinated/patient person at this point!)
- Slowly fold the double cream into the mix
-Add crushed Oreos into the mix (We placed the Oreos into a sandwich bag and just went to town smashing it against the counter)

Step five
-Spoon the mix on top of each Oreo then sprinkle with the remaining crushed Oreos
-Put into the fridge (preferably overnight) to set.
-Lick the Spoon. 

Step six
 Cut in half. Eat. Enjoy.

- Credit to Nouvelle Daily for inspiring us!

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