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  Lip balms are a handbag-must-have and recently I have found myself reaching for these three over the plethora over others in my possession. I've been trying to wean myself off my all time favorite, but ultimately bank-breaking, lip balm - By Terry Baume De Rose (£35) - and these three are serious contenders for the title of new favourite lip balm.

-This is a rose flavoured and scented lip balm contains Rose Wax and Shea Butter to nourish and soothe chapped lip and Vitamin E to protect against environmental damage. It has a pink sheen in the tub but leaves no colour on the lips, just a glossy sheen. The first time I applied this (sat in Wagammas with the boy) I was seriously surprised by the sudden tingling sensation that spread over my lips and immediately whipped out my iPhone to google whether this was normal and thankfully, it was! Fast forward and now the tingling sensation has actually become my favourite aspect of this lovely balm - and actually quite addictive - I've found myself applying it every hour on the hour. The tingling sensation occurs as the balm contains 'filling spheres' designed to inject volume, plump lips, and fill the lip area, while repairing dry and chapped lips and, whilst you definitely wont end up with lips to rival Angelina's, there is definitely a noticable plumping effect and it's great for intensely hydrating my lips. The only negatives I have found is that if you're lips are severely dry and chapped the product will painfully sting as opposed to tingles (but it works so it's worth it) and the balm is not as solid as other tub lip balms so melts rather easily which means it's very easy to end up with too much product on your fingers and lips leaving them feeling overloaded and greasy if you're not paying attention, and it starts to look quite unappealing in the tub I usually use rodial glam balm on it’s own or over other products as I love the tingling sensation so much.

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 (£15)

-I found myself gravitating towards this whenever I passed a Bobbi Brown Counter for the past few months as it always made my lips feel so comfortable and hydrated, without any of that feeling of heaviness or greasiness that you get with products such as Vaseline, so I finally took the plunge and picked it up this week and am immensely happy I did so. I absolutely adore the packaging both for how delightfully sophisticated it looks AND how you can use it as a mirror (double win). Formulated with Wheat Germ and Olive Oil it also has a pink sheen in the tub but leaves no colour on the lips and I have found this product works amazingly well as a base under lipstick to ensure a smooth and long lasting application, over lipstick as it leaves a gorgeous glossy sheen and also on it's own, I don't think it would be the product to choose for severely chapped lips but it's great as a daily-use lip balm.

-The Eve Lom Kiss Mix is both pretty and practical, the perfect blend between a lip balm that looks lovely on the lips and one that actually gets to work on dry and chapped lips. Billed as ' First aid for sore, chapped lips’ it contains Zinc oxide to comfort dry lips by encouraging healing and by acting as a natural sunscreen (meaning it’s fab to chuck in your bag  if you’re off on holiday) and menthol to cool and freshen the lips. I absolutely LOVE the menthol in this balm, absolutely love it, it really does leave you with a cooling sensation which lasts and lasts (not tingly or painful in any way, just incredibly comforting and refreshing) - and it smells fantastic. It is a very solid white coloured balm and leaves behind a super glossy finish and the slightest hint of colour which I love as it just takes down the redness from my lips ever so slightly. Similar to the rodial glam balm, I usually use the Eve Lom Kiss Mix on it’s own or over other products so as to ensure the cooling sensation lasts and lasts. 

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