Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Force Infusion Treatment at Lisa Shepherd London

After work I dashed off to Central London to visit the hair-genius Jason Cocking at the delectable Lisa Shepherd London Salon on Mortimer Street. My tresses were treated to the Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Force treatment (*) which utilises micronised keratin components which penetrate deeply into the hair architecture to reconstruct gaps in the cell membrane complex, the intercellular bonding cement responsible for strong and resilient hair - sounds rather fancy-dan I know ! Chemical processes and styling tools can stress and damage the hair fibre meaning overprocessed and damaged hair is prone to breakage, Jason compared it to your hair consisting of lots of tiny 'ladders' and bleach/heat damages those ladders, knocking off rung after rung after rung, and the BC fibre force treatment actually helps you to rebuild the ladders! The treatment consists of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment with a gorgeous blowdry....

I snapped away in the Taxi on the journey home on my iPad and had a little photoshoot when I arrived home to show you just how smooth, glossy and frizz-free my hair looked after the treatment and blowdry- doesn't it look SO healthy!? This was my second visit to the Lisa Shepherd London Salon for a blowdry with Jason and I left the salon swishing my hair to and fro Because I'm worth it Style, followed by a bit of Willow Whipping it back and forth as I was so so pleased with how it looked. I highly recommend Jason and the Lisa Shepherd Salon as a whole, it's an incredibly modern and buzzing salon  - iPads to play with, high-tech massaging chairs and a monochrome decor - which retains a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and you know you're going to be leaving with a smile on your face feeling like a celeb.

The entire Schwarzkopf BC collection is available to buy (including the fibre force infusion treatment I received in the salon  (*)  - currently £28.98 -which comes as a set containing 7 vials of the treatment.) 

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