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Ever since realising you could turn your Instagram snaps into delightful Polaroid-esque prints (Thanks Lily Pebbles) I immediately hurried on over to and ordered 24 prints (£14.99). My aim was was to whittle down my various insta-selfies and paint a snapshot of my life over the past year. This invariably led to a variety of shots ranging from pouty poses and drunken ducklips to romantic rendezvous and inspirational images. 

As well as my Instagram prints, this week I have been chuckling over hilarious humour cards, collecting cute stationary and doodling in my diary. Allow me to share with you my favourite online finds....

1 set (12 prints) cost £9.99 and 2 sets (24 prints) costs £14.99. Your photos are printed in the Polaroid-esque style which resulted in reminiscing about the first half of nineties, lugging my clunky Spice Girls Polaroid Camera around with me,  snapping away and spending half my childhood manically waving around those little white pieces of paper waiting for the image to magically appear in front of my young eyes. I love that these prints also come with a sharpie in every set so you can caption your photos (plus, I mean, free pen!) and doodle as you wish. My plan is to use the prints to replace the current photo-heart which resides above my bed. I also really, really love the Photo Wall that Lily made and may very well steal that idea when I order my next batch of prints.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I am absolutely obsessed with things like this. Funny quotes, inspirational quotes, love quotes - I cannot get enough. I've been collecting humorous greeting cards since my first year at University, where I used them to completely cover my wall. I just cannot help but smile when I catch a glimpse of them and they just make me laugh because I find them so relatable and just 'hit the nail on the head' funny. I get such a thrill spotting these type of cards nestled amongst the Happy Birthdays and Best Wishes and when I discovered HalfMoonBay (You can purchase the actual Halfmoonbay cards here) I was in humour heaven and spent endless hours perusing the site, chuckling away to myself.

 I hope I'm not the only one who finds these kind of cards just fantastic and if you do the you should definitely be following this Instagram!

An sterling stationary staple this adorable little Archie Grand 'Lovers I had and liked' notebook is the perfect size for popping into my handbag for jotting down ideas throughout the day and I adore the  bold red and of course the notebooks cover statement makes me grin. The Archie Grand notebooks come in an array of vibrant shades with different titles, other favourites of mine include 'Bloggers I met and liked', 'Bosses I've had and liked' and 'Lies I told and liked'. The inside is completely blank and it costs £10.00.

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