March Favourites


This month I have been loving a variety of products...

    -Kérastase Elixir Ultime  - £27.60
    I purchased this mini version of the infamous hair oil back in December as part of a gift set. I have used it every time I have washed my hair since (I apply it to the mid lengths and ends of damp hair and will also use it quite often on dry hair to smooth fly-aways and dry ends) and still have half the bottle left as a teeny amount goes a long long way. It smells divine, is incredibly lightweight so leaves no greasy residue and ensures even my damaged and dry ends feel silky smooth. 

    -La Roche-Posay Cicaplast - £13

    An absolute lifesaver for me post derma-roller (click to see what dermaroller is!), this moisturiser is a godsend for sore, flaking, chapped skin and post cosmetic peels and procedures. It is incredibly hydrating and completely non-irritating so is safe to use on the most sensitive of sensitive skins. I constantly slathered my entire face in this like a woman possessed for four days after dermaroller and it calmed and soothed my skin and, although it feels incredibly rich, did not cause any breakouts. I always have this on hand if I've been over zealous with applying spot creams and have the dreaded flakiness when trying to conceal a spot (-a bloody disaster) and a dab of this ensures any dry, flaky bits disappear immediately. A bathroom must have.

    -Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm - £32

    Used and loved by practically everyone in the blogosphere I am onto my second pot of this and it has become a definite staple in my skincare routine and I use it both morning and night. I apply it all over, to a completely dry face,  and will then prattle about my bathroom, brushing my teeth or sorting our my bed-head-birds-nest-barnet, as I allow it to sink for a few minutes and really do its thing. I’ll then work the product into my face and use warm water and the accompanying EH face cloths to remove. I love the feel, the smell and the results of this miracle balm and will often use it combined with an exfoliator, as a ten-minute-mask, or as part of an at-home-facial. The official blurb claims: ‘Moringa seeds, Wild Sea Fennel and Vitamin E balance, purify and minimise the appearance of open pores, and a blend of uplifting Orange Neroli and Mandarin extracts combine with calming Jasmine and Rose to revitalise dull, dry, dehydrated and mature skins, leaving the complexion clean, soft and exquisitely fragrant.’ – And it does exactly that.

    -REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil - £30

    Bath stuff – ‘Oh how pretentious’, you may think, or, equally you may cry ‘How boring!’, and up until recently, I’d have been right there with you! For this is exactly how I used to think when people discussed bath salts and oils (AND CANDLES), my eyes would begin to glaze over and, when presented with bath bombs, salts or oils or anything remotely bath related as a Christmas or birthday gift, I would smile politely, masking the crushing disappointment I felt inside, and would immediately pass on to the welcoming palms of my mother. Maybe it’s because I’m GETTING REALLY OLD now, but this is honestly my favourite new discovery. Pinched straight back from the mother (slightly regretting the years and years of bath-related-gifts which I palmed onto her) I have used two capfuls in every bath for the past few weeks, and have revelled in the results. It doesn’t leave that unpleasant oily film that cheaper bath oils so often do, this gem completely dissolves and infuses into the water, releasing the most glorious scent whilst deeply nourishing the skin and once you finally tear yourself away and drag yourself out of the bath, your left with the most glorious, subtle rose scent and the feeling of comforted, hydrated skin – not a slimy coating. This definitely gets top marks from me as even the boyfriend commented ‘What is that amazing smell!?’ after I emerged from the bath. It’s pretty pricey for something you pour into a bath and then watch slide away down the drain, so this is something I’d now put on a birthday/Christmas list (or steal, as I did with this one…).

    -VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray - £3.49
    A brilliant drugstore dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray (and, at a purse-friendly £3.49, £35 cheaper than the Oribe!) it does exactly what it says on the tine. Sprayed onto dry hair it adds texture, created serious body and volume and leaves a matte finish. It’s fantastic for achieving that tousled ‘I literally haven’t even tried, I don’t even OWN a hairbrush’ bed-head look. If you live for big hair – you need this in your life.

    -ModelCo Tan Airbrush in a Can - £28

    This is my absolute most favouritest face fake tan of ALL TIME. It’s the one I reach in preparation for those proper important events (Graduation, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, knowing you’re going to be seeing an ex-boyfriend) when you need an absolute fail-safe tan. It actually makes you look like you have been on holiday as opposed to tango’d and the vanilla scent is SO scrummy it makes me want to drink/eat it. I love that it is an airbrush/spray application so I hold this in front of my face and spray in circular motions (obviously with your mouth and eyes shut!) then I’ll use a mitt to rub the product in evenly. It goes on d-a-r-k. I mean DARK. Be prepared for anyone who passes you before you wash of the guide colour to double-take, point and laugh because you will look hilarious. The brilliant thing about this is the colour develops so quickly that I have often used this the day of events as opposed to the night before, and even the afternoon of events as you only have to wait about 3 hours before washing off to achiebe a fantastic colour ( for the best results, use overnight.) Please do be bloody careful not to coat your entire bathroom in the stuff when you’re spraying it. It can be used all over - and looks fantastic - but I’ve found you get lots of face applications but very, very few all-over-body applications (two or three at most) from a can and as it’s so expensive but provides such amazing results, I save it for my face, and use a cheaper tan on my body.

    -Nude Progenius Treatment Oil - £58

    I've recently incorporated both gylycolic acid and retinol into my skincare routine, two incredibly effective but incredibly strong products. The after effect of applying these products is often an uncomfortable, tight and ‘stinging’ face and whilst your skin is still getting used to these intensive products, can result in flaking and dry patches. I have found that using the Nude Oil at night under my moisturiser ensures my skin feels comforted and hydrated during the night and any signs of dryness or flaking is banished by the morning. The science bit:  ‘Rich in omega 3, 6, 7 & 9, this pure and active treatment oil delivers a precisely balanced diet of vital skin nutrients. Created with 10 precious oils, the beautiful formula absorbs instantly, for deep and long lasting skin cell nourishment. Skin is instantly luminous and younger looking.’ – Well, It certainly feels luxurious whilst applying and it does definitely leaves your skin feeling immediately nourished and luminous the next day. I’ve also been reaching for the Nude pro genius oil during my at-home-facials. My current bottle is a sample (kindly given to me after an obscene spending spree at space NK for my mums birthday AND mother’s day which, for me, happen to fall a week apart – not good for my bank balance) but I will be purchasing a full size bottle when it runs out.

    -James Brown London Intensive Mask for Hair - £8.16
    My favourite quick fix hair mask, that I’ve been reaching for recently – and for under a tenner!  I reviewed this properly last month – click to read.

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