Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush | review

Following on from my concealer post yesterday this is a quick post on the brush I use with my concealer. I do sometimes use my finger but I find that this sometimes rubs off the concealer as opposed to rubs it in - which isn't what you want! Plus if you have long or false nails you don't really want a) a poke in the eye b) a scratch c) that hideous orange-ness underneath the nail tips (bleugh!) SO I usually use a concealer brush.

This is actually a foundation brush and if you need a flawless, absolutely precise application (think special event e.g wedding) this would be perfect, but for every-day-all-over-face look it's a bit fiddly and slow for me, but I love the accuracy that comes with using it as the pointed end means you can get right into all the corners of your face. I love it for under my eyes, the inner corners, under my nose and around my mouth. It's also great to use after you dot your concealer onto a blemish to gently blend - especially good for a natural finish and to avoid germy fingers touching the area!

I purchased the Real techniques Core Collection for £21.99 which includes four brushes.

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