The Konjac Sponge

Okay, so at first glance it does look a bit like wagamamas sticky rice (mmhm..wagamamas.......chicken katsu curry.....sorry where was I?!) or a boob - whichever comparison takes your fancy. It is, in fact a Konjac sponge. This cute little exfoliating cleansing sponge is made from the root of the 'Amorphophallus Konjac' - a naturally moisture rich edible plant (but maybe don't actually eat your sponge even if it does look like Wagamamas rice.....)  which is also full of vitamins and minerals


The sponge harnesses all the plant goodness to naturally nourish and deeply cleanse your skin, so you only need to add water, as the sponge does all the work without the need for additional products. You can also use it with your normal cleanser - just use a little less than you would usually use.

The sponge is super duper soft and has a little string which wraps around your hand so you don't end up throwing the sponge everywhere as you're cleansing! It gently massages the skin to stimulate blood flow & cell turnover, eliminates all traces of dirt & make-up (it's gentle enough to be used on the eye area) and the natural alkalinity balances the acidity of the skin and its oils. It  
leaves your skin feeling ridiculously smooth with no redness or irritation whatsoever.

There are six different types. The one I have is the 100% Pure Natural Konjac for All Skin Types but the range caters for Combination skin, Mature skin, Damaged skin, Acne prone skin and for bubbas (the baby sponge can also be used as a makeup and face cream applicator - might just have to try this!) and each of these additional sponges has a little something extra to benefit he skin, such as french green clay for combination skin and bamboo charcoal for acne prone skin. Plus each sponge is 100% natural (it 's literally only made of the plant root) &   environmentally friendly and costs between £5.99 and £6.50 - so that's a nice bonus.

How to use:

-Wet the sponge. You can either run it under the tap or leave in a sink full of water for a few minutes

-Squeeze out excess water

-Massage the skin in small circular movements with the damp sponge (add your cleanser if you wish)

-Rinse the sponge afrer use, squeeze out excess water again

-Change every 1-3 months

The only advice I would add to the above is not to use it on a face full of makeup. I wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis so I always try and take the majority off first with a face wipe or makeup remover before I continue to wash my face as otherwise every sponge or towel that comes within a 10 metre radius of me somehow becomes covered in orange and black (my boyfriend's mothers have always hated me for this!) so I would suggest that any sponge product will have a longer shelf life (and wont turn a lurid shade of orange) if you aren't completely caking it in makeup day in and day out

 You just know a product is good when it's on - and they stock the  entire Konjac Sponge range!
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