Chantacaille Poudre Délicate Review | My new HG powder

I found myself drawn towards the Chantecaille stand in Liberty a few weeks ago and had a little play with all of the products...

 My makeup had been on all day and my face was starting tolook uneven and shiny. I picked up a Chantecaille powder brush (absolutely divine by the way, the nicest feeling brush I have ever encountered, however I physically balked at the price - £55 –apparently it’s made from black squirrel hair which makes it super soft and amazing) and swept some of the Poudre Delicate over my face and loved how it immediately mattified and evened my complexion without leaving me feeling like I had layer upon layer of makeup on (which essentially I did!)

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself once again staring at the beautiful Chantecaille display and I decided I would purchase this magical powder. I suffer from shiny skin BIG time, I have used various powders (Rimmel translucent powder, MAC blot powder , L’oreal true match super blendable powder, witch anti blemish pressed powder and MUFE HD powder to name a few) and I re-apply regularly throughout the day so no matter how well a powder worked or how lovely it felt at first, by the end of each day my face would feel horribly cakey.I have found that I have had to use this powdfer less often and less of it to achieve an even and matte complexion. I actually use the powder puff most of the time and I press the puff into the powder, then fold the puff in half so the powder covers the entire puff, I think ‘flick’ the back of the puff (note – this will annoy people on public transport as powdery dust flies everywhere – aim it away from people!!) and then press in a rolling motion onto my T-zone. I then brush off the extra with a powder brush. I do sometimes just brush on with a powder brush too.

The powder is expensive at £45 but at the rate I was going through blot powders at £18 a pop, this is much better value for money. Plus the packaging is absolutely divine and stronger – so it won’t break and end up all over the bottom of my handbag like almost all of the pressed powders I have tried previously! (Seriously MAC, sort out your packaging!?)

I opted for the colour ‘linen’. In MAC blot powder I am medium-dark.

Watch gossmakeupartist’s video to show you - and explain better than I just did - how best to apply powder (LOVE this man he is right up there with the best of the YT gurus!)

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