Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover | Review

Whenever I go to remove my nail varnish it usually goes like this. 'Nail varnish remover? Check. Cotton wool? Ah......' 

- have you ever tried taking off nail varnish with tissue - It's basically a form of torture. My fortune is occasionally reversed so whilst I'll have a fields worth of cotton wool,the nail varnish remover bottle contains approximately three drops of liquid, meaning I spend my evening peeling off the unsightly nail varnish. For some reason this is always oddly satisfying but always results in random patches of nail varnish left on my nails.

So when I saw this little beauty I decided it would be the answer to all my nail varnish woes and it turns out I was right. As you can see from the photos I was wearing orange, pink and purple glitter nail varnish (whatever look I was going for, I missed) and the Bourjois magic nail polish remover removed it all. I was seriously impressed as any beauty junkie knows just how difficult, nay impossible, it is to remove glitter nail varnish. It did not, however, achieve this in 'one second'! 

To get the best results I found that holding the bottle firmly on a flat surface whilst twisting your finger from side to side is the only way the nail varnish came off. I tried holding my finger in the air and twisting the bottle but this may or may not have resulted in a rather large amount of nail polish remover spilling all over the keyboard (yeah, don't do it like that). Finger in, LOTS of vigorous wiggling for about 30 seconds et voila - no more nail varnish.

Very clever product. Very impressed. I'm now off to paint my nice clean nails!

You can buy the Bourjois magic nail polish remover from Boots. It costs £4.99.

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