PINK AND SPARKLY. Topshop vibrant glitter ballet pumps.

  Okay, I'm guilty, I like pink.

A friend of mine added a photo of these to facebook and so I just had to ask her where they were from - these babies are from Topshop and are £19! 

They're in stores now so go and buy them - because who doesn't want to own a pair of pink glittery ballet shoes?? 

(please don't say 'anyone over the age of seven...')

I already own a pair of ballet pumps from Topshop (these salmon ballet pumps) which I have worn to death. They come up true to size and they're really durable considering they look rather delicate. So if these don't float-your-barbie-boat they do dozens more colours and styles so perhaps a more subtle shade of girly will suffice.

Whilst photographing the shoes for this post I realised I made a teeny tiny mistake....

...and bought a pair three sizes too big for me. 


Guess this calls for another trip back to Oxford Street.

Lifes tough.

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