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Back in December I took part in a photoshoot for Cosmo on Campus and this week I was sent a copy of the issue I feature in!

I think they did an AMAZING job at recreating the catwalk looks and it just shows if you look around you can find dupes to almost anything you see in a magazine/on the runway etc.

Let me know your thoughts. Which is your favourite outfit? Socks and heels...yes or no? Big blue hairband...yay or nay?

 Zoe (londonlipgloss) and I have been taking part in the 'Big skincare mystery' (Gemma - Gemsmaquillage -and lots of other magazines are also taking part).

We were sent an unbranded face wash item to test and then we were invited down to give our thoughts on the product for the brands Facebook and for the Glamour website. Click here or the photo above to watch my review.

If you check out the Facebook page you too can get involved in the big skincare mystery and receive a sample. I really would highly reccommend this cleanser - I'm still using it every morning (I use a stronger, glycolic acid wash most nights) and really loooove it.

Below is a random video of footage from the Cosmo shoot.

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