MUA Cosmetics - Love Hearts Collaboration Lip Balms and Quake Polishes

I absolutely adore these £2 Love Heart themed tinted lip balms from MUA Cosmetics. They remind me of the MAC tinted lip conditioners (petting Pink used to be my favourite tinted lipbalm from the MAC collection) but the MAC lip conditioner retails at £11 so you could buy all five of this range for LESS than one MAC lip balm.

They smell like vanilla which I absolutely love and they're an absolute pleasure to use. You know how some lip products can feel dry on your lips well I have a habit of applying these over and over and over (my favourites for everyday wear being the two pinky colours [sweet kiss&sugar lips])because they just feel so soothing and moisturising. The packaging is super cute to boot.

I highly recommend these as both lip colours and lip conditioners/balms and are an almost perfect dupe for the MAC range without the hefty price tag for a LIP BALM - so win/win big thumbs up from me!

You can purchase the range from Superdrug.

I'm currently wearing falsies so I can't review the new crackle polishes properly but I am dying to try them out! They're taking the glitter trend and the crackle trend and combining them into wonderful-crackly-glittery-on trend-goodness.

These also retail at £2 which is perfect for me as I point blank refuse to buy high end nail polish when brands like MUA, 2true, Barry M, Look(etc) do fantastic quality polishes for great prices!

I promise to review them soon but I wanted to include the photo because...well....they're just so purdy!



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