How To Feed A Man - The best Cookbook ever?

'The sexiest cookery book I have ever cast my eyes over. Dissolves the fears and makes you want to cook' - Marco Pierre White

'Utterly Genius! a new book that espouses the virtues of cooking' - Sunday Times Style Magazine

'The food of love, a passionate and inspirational cookery book' - Woman and Home

This has quickly become one of my favourite books of all time. I think it's the perfect combination of both an extremely useful cookery book and a beautiful 'coffee table adorning' book. It Combines recipes with notes on kitchen essentials and ingredients, and is also illustrated with eye-catching iconic and contemporary images as well as inspirational thoughts and poetry. My bedroom is scattered with books bought purely for their decorative nature, such as The Olsen Twins 'Influence', 'Boo the worlds cutest dog' and a selection of the 'Keep Calm and...' books. 

It's commonplace to buy books for purely decorative reasons (I don't really know why!) but the novelty of cute pictures and inspiring words tends to wear off almost immediately after the first flick through. I can safely say that after a full day of 'AWWWWWWWWW!'ing over the adorable little puppy  Boo - the book has remained untouched.

 'A cookery book that is READ as much as cooked from, How To Feed A Man is a celebration of family life that is both engaging yet different'

I am not a good chef and that is an understatement. Cooking usually frustrates and confuses me but it's something I've always wanted to be good at. That is another reason that this book appeals to me. Now only is it visually pleasing but it's also damn good at explaining how to cook.

You feel like you're reading a recipe written by one of your closest friends as you flick through the beautifully illustrated pages. I just adore the chatty style in which it is written and the helpful hints such as '...Just throw some in and keep mixing, if it still looks a bit funny, add a bit more. Don't worry it will still come out right' - this is exactly what I think people need in a recipe book. We NEED to know that the mixture might split, or look a bit lumpy, or that it's okay to add a little bit more or less of this or that! 

'I will wait for my star. But when it comes, I'm determined to make it shine.'

The book usually retails at £19.99 but is on sale at Amazon now for £13.16


Let me know what you think of this beaauutifuulllll book and if you can recommend any other cookbooks for total beginners like me!


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