Brazilian Blow Dry in a Bottle? Keratin Complex infusion therapy 'Straight Day'

'Keratin Complex NEW Straight Day Styling Spray is a superior daily treatment that moisturizes and protects all hair types. On wet or dry hair, this hydrating spray smoothes, reduces flyaways and tames unwanted frizz.

The unique anti-humectant formula in Keratin Complex Straight Day locks moisture in and humidity out, so your hair will stay silky, soft and frizz-free throughout the day.'

I don't really understand the science-y part but I DO know that Keratin is good for your hair. Can't tell you why - but it is. I'm using this product  in conjunction with a shampoo and conditioner from the same range and am absolutely loving the results. I guess this product is similar to the John Frieda '3-day straight' (claims to do the same and both use keratin) although I haven't tried that particular product myself it was all the rage a little while ago.

I apply this product all over my hair and I can blowdry it and leave it - It seems to work with the heat or the hairdryer to leave your hair feeling and looking silky smooth and it's drastically reduced the flyaways. If I sleep on my hair I often have to straighten it (although much less so when I wear the Boots sleep rollers - then it's more a case of sometimes calming the hair down as it's so big!)  and this really does result in your hair staying exactly how you style it until your next wash.

I'm constantly searching for ways to repair, grow and style my hair without using too much heat. I'm happy to use straighteners and heated rollers in moderation but I only use on my crown or the VERY ends of my hair. So anything that makes my hair look sleek and smooth is a huge win from me and I am so impressed with the entire Keratin Complex range. I know the bottle looks teeny tiny but it lasts forever.

It retails at around £20 and is only available online or in salons. Keratin Complex is now the 'leading smoothing system in the World' and their products have even been featured on the Today show - I know that last bit sounded like PR waffle but I only saw the video from googling and was pretty impressed - that's a big slot to land! So it's clearly a well respected brand (casual rhyme).


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