PR Internship - Outfit Day One

Today was my first day as the Babelfish PR Intern. It's literally five minutes down the road from me in a cosy little office with only three of us so I was aiming for a smart/casual look.

Top - Topshop (ridiculously old)
(first seen on Laura's Buy Now Blog Later - I'm a sheep!)
Jacket - Zara (Last season - sold out online - may be available in stores?)

I'm loving these Cheap Monday Jeans. They're high waisted and skinny which does mean getting them on involves the 'Jumping and wriggling' dance to get them past your arse and properly done up - but once on they are very comfortable. I bought size 8/10.

I paired the jeans with a totally plain, long grey top and added the River Island Snood (it's mens, i may or may not have commandeered it from my brothers christmas present pile......shhh) to inject a bit of colour and obviously because it's absolutely freezing. The Zara Jacket has delightful gold detailing and was basically the 'smart' element of the outfit! 

I'm finding it much more difficult picking items to wear for this Internship as opposed to my Lancôme
Internship back in the Summer of 2010 (week one, week two, week three) as my dilemma was (is!) that I just don't own any pairs of 'smart' trousers except bog-standard bootlegs from sixth form and paired with a shirt I'd feel like I was BACK in sixth form so this week I realised I really need to update my 'work wardrobe'!

I've been style stalking Laura (Buy Now Blog Later) for some inspiration but please let me know of any other Fashion Blogs which showcase wearable work outfits - (Yes, I appreciate you're 'quirky' and a 'fashionista' but honestly, most of us can't wear five different clashing colours and prints, ankle socks with doc martens, fifteen rings and a hat to the office....) or just some advice on what I can do to vary my work outfits a bit.

Not only I just find it much so easier to dress in the Summer which made picking outfits for Lancome a breeze but I also have a completely different figure compared to this time last year. Not only have I had 220cc of silicone wodged into my chest but I'm a much more normal weight compared to the bordering-on-skeletor-skinny I was right after I finished my Batchelors Degree so I'm still learning how to dress for a slightly curvier figure.
I'll be blogging most of my outfits from the Internship and am also thinking of doing a post on PR/Beauty/Social Media Internships as I get asked loads of questions about them.

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