Be A Force of Beauty - Bare Escentuals Campaign.

'We set out to find the worlds most beautiful women. And we found them. 
Without ever seeing their faces.'

I'm writing about this campaign because I saw it on Twitter today and find it inspiring and am incredibly impressed with the concept. 

I haven't been sent a press release or even been asked to Blog about it. I'm doing so because it's a campaign that totally stands out from all the rest - for all the right reasons.

The concept was to cast models for a campaign without seeing them. It's an entirely unheard of (and potentially risky) concept. The brand began by sending out a survey to models and actresses and, based upon their responses, they invited them in for an interview.

It was a completely blind casting. The interviewee sat in one room and the brand directors and casting agents were sat in another room, pens and paper in hand, and proceeded to cast the models based on their personality - their beauty from within. 

I can already imagine possible criticisms - 'Oh well they chose from models and actresses' but to me, this campaign is an innovative and brave step in the right direction. The women chosen needed to represent the brand in worldwide adverts and commercials - it only makes sense to chose from a group of women for whom thats their job description! What Bare Minerals have done by focusing upon the women's personalities, interests and passions instead of their looks alone is find the 'beauty within a sea of pretty.' 

Imagine how gratifying it would be to be selected for something because you're liked and valued as a person? Because of your dream and goals - what you've achieved and what you believe in. As horrendously cheesy as it sounds - for your inner beauty. Compare this to the majority of the women chosen to enter the Big Brother House last night (excluding Natalie, I love Natalie, she's hilarious).

I'm delighted to see such a positive campaign and think the idea, creativity in the selection process and finished result is fantastic.


Pretty is not enough.

Pretty is nice. 

It's fine.

 Pretty can turn heads. 

But Beauty?

  Beauty can change the whole world. 

Pretty is what you are, but beauty is what you do with it.

Pretty lifts spirits, beauty makes them soar.

So smile. 

Be Bold. 

Show your Beauty.

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