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 I've said before that I really don't like to spend lots of money on nail varnishes. Most OPI varnishes retail at £10.50 each - no bloody way! I am absolutely not paying that much money for a nail varnish no-way-no-how. I am a huuuugggge eBay fan anyway, so I decided to have a browse of the infamous 

OPI polishes cost £3.89 each. You can also purchase 4 packs of Ardell Lashes which retail for £6.10 or one pack which costs £1.94 - they're £4.95 per pack over here. You can buy lots of other things too but I was swayed by the girly OPI polishes and the falsies!

Shipping for lashes is £1.94 and for polishes is £2.92 - if you purchase more you receive a discount.

 I purchased four bottles of OPI polishes plus 5 packs of Ardell False Lashes and I paid £23 pounds plus £9  in shipping (£32 total). If I'd made the same purchase from a UK store it would have cost roughly £65 plus posting and packaging.

It took twelve days for the polishes and lashes to reach me (it's an American eBay shop).

I'm head over heels in love with the colours I picked and ridiculously impressed by the prices. I would highly reccommend purchasing from Beautyzone.

So what do we think of my NEW CAMERA and the amaze photo quality eh!?

I'm so happy!

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