Bed Head TIGI Candy Fixations: Totally Baked and Glaze Haze

I was sent these products from the Bed Head TIGI Candy Fixations range. I was sent a few others but these are the stand out products for me and I now reach for them every time I blow dry my hair.

Totally Baked (which has to be said in a drawling-california-stoned-dude-accent) is marketed as a a tasty hair meringue, for a long-lasting boost of hold, volume and texture. I love this because it gives me a great lift at the roots and when I 'scrunch' (technical term bro) my hair to give it some waves/volume it holds the shape really well - but I don't end up with that awful sticky and crunchy/crispy hair you get with some mousse/volumising products.

 Glaze Haze is described as a semi-sweet smoothing hair serum.  'A sweet treat that candy-coats each strand to fight humidity, adds shine and helps speed up drying time.' This is one of the only serums I've found that does actually add shine and smooth the hair without weighing it down and making it look greasy or lank.

Make sure you only apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair though as serums and roots just don't mix very well. Unless you like that 'wet look' which is actually 'GOING TO BE SO BANG ON TREND DAHHLINGS'  for SS/12....

(image from Harpers Bazaar Blog)

Although I think someone somewhere needs to take all the bigwig editors and stylists aside and sit them down and gently explain to them that most woman don't actually want to look like they haven't  washed their hair for days. (I mean we all do it, but we don't want people to know that! Hence why we all have three half used cans of Batiste in our bathroom and every third day is a 'messy bun day' a.k.a 'I just can't be bothered and twenty minutes extra in bed was just too appealing this morning')

 Just some food for thought there fashion editors....

ANYWAY. The best thing about glaze haze is that it really does speed up drying time. my hair is quite short but it's very porous so it takes absolutely forever to dry. Since using this I have noticed such a difference in how long it takes to dry my hair. The fact that it smells delicious (it really does just smell like candy) is another added bonus.

You can see the consistency of the Totally Baked Mousse (left) and glaze haze serum (right  - look closely) below.

The mousse is completely non-sticky and very light. It's absorbed easily and instantly into your hair and leaves no residue. You can see the serum is incredibly thin and runny (it  started running off my hand almost instantly) - a lot of other shine serums or 'frizze easing' serums have a much thicker consistency which just doesn't work with my hair as it leaves it looking lank and greasy whereas Glaze Haze is non-sticky and weightless.

I adore both products because including them into my hair routine has meant my hair is volumised and smooth and it takes less time to dry (winning) with no resulting greasiness/stickiness/crispiness (use whatever adjective you like here). Now, don't laugh at me please, but I actually enjoy using these products because they smell so damn good. I know it sounds a bit crazy but they just smell so yummy and sweet that using them just puts me in a good mood - and it makes the bathroom and bedroom smell like a candy store. All the products this range makes you feel like you've stepped into a sweet shop and the products definitely smell good enough to eat...

(...don't though.)


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