Literally Barbie...

I was in the Oxford Street Topshop yesterday and this totally Barbiefied  'Quilted Molly' bag from Paul's Boutique caught my eye. I needed a new everyday bag as the two I purchased from Thailand in the Summer have both since fallen apart (false economy - buying fakes probably isn't cheaper in the long run!) so I pranced around in front of the mirrors with this pink delight and purchased it on a whim. 

The keyrings make me want to be vomit. Violently. They're just absolutely vile. I know they're a Pauls Boutique signature but, bleugh, thank GOD they're removable. As you can see in the above photos I've photographed the bag with the keyrings and without. I am definitely preferring how it looks without the keyrings so good riddance to them they will not be returning to this bag - they can go and live on my car keys (or, more likely, in the deep dark depths of a drawer somewhere).

You can purchase this exact bag from Bank or Pauls Boutique  or you can purchase it in blue (and other colours) from Topshop 

I know this wont be to everyone's tastes but I just adore it. I love the bright pink colour, the quilted detail, the patent pink handles, the fact that the zip has a little padlock so there's no chance of anyone pickpocketing you or all your things falling out, the sturdiness and the super tacky leaoprd print interior. Plus I's such a good size - it can fit all your daily necessities  but it's not so big that you overfill it and end up rummaging for hours - rummaging around in huge bags full of crap is the bane of my life -although I give it a month before it's full of rubbish and covered in makeup....

....Enjoy your time being pretty and shiny and clean while it lasts little bag!


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