That Zara Messenger Bag & Loving Look Magazine 'Look What I'm Wearing'

Bandwagon - jump!

You must have seen the Zara Messenger Bag with edging - it comes in three versatile colours (black, red and grey) and retails at only £19.99. I opted for the grey and would describe the colour as a pretty elephant-grey and I just adore the look of the rose gold hardware - I think it's addition catapults this otherwise pretty nondescript, boring-bag into a seriously sophisticated piece of arm candy. 

It's a slouchy yet sturdy everyday bag that sits low on the hip; inside it's spacious with three compartments snf more than enough room for your everyday items (hairbrush, makeup bag, wallet, phone, diary, batiste, 7 lipsticks, 4 bronzers - you know, the usual...) and would easily fit an ipad or a kindle - but a laptop would be a struggle. 


Loving Look Magazine

This evening has been spent pouring over the new-look-Look-magazine. Look have added an exciting twist to the old 'street style' feature called 'Look what I'm wearing' (you see what they did there??) : Focusing on a trend, city, or the most popular photographs that week, the print feature gives Look readers the chance to appear in the magazine each week.

 I had a little sneak peek and a play on the feature before it launched and it's now become a daily ritual to visit it and expand my wishlist of must have items - my fave at the moment has to be Cindy as she looks effortlessly stylish - and like the sixth Kardashian sister!

 You can check out the street style pictures and add your own to 'Look What I'm Wearing' - who knows, we might be seeing you in Look magazine very soon!

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