MAC Lipsticks - The pale pinks and MAC eyeshadows

(top-bottom each column)
'crystal avalanche' 'brun' 'carbon'
'retrospeck' 'tempting' 'typographic'
'patadisco' 'sable' 'knight devine'
'amber lights'

politely pink - angel - snob

 I was just looking through some of my old posts and realised that although most contain awful quality photos, appalling photography skills and a variety of terrible myspace poses I had actually done a few helpful posts with some decent pictures such as this MAC pale pink lipstick photo comparisons and the mac eyeshadow pallette (I have since lost this *cries* how depressing)

.So there you go! That is MAC 'politely pink' 'angel' and 'snob' and MAC eye-shadows - I'm sure you have all seen these shades before as they are deemed staples or classics by most but it's quite a nice reference to see what each one looks like and compare.

This post bought to you by 2009 Jennifer...

so cool.

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