Tatiana Hair Extensions London. Hello Goldilocks.

Oh, hello luscious flowing blonde locks. I am literally Goldilocks and cannot stop swishing and showooshing 'Because I'm worth it' style and it's all thanks to the wonderful Tatiana Hair Extensions.....

These extensions are 3/4 head, 18 inch russian virgin hair applied using the micro-ring technique which uses no heat or glue, it's basically just little plastic-covered (teeny) copper rings used to attach each extensions strand to a strand of your own hair. As you can see Tatiana has an INCREDIBLE inventory of hair (which she sources herself from Russia - that photo is just one selection of one set of blonde shades!) which means an absolutely perfect colour match. When you come in the extensionists will spend time looking at all the colours and tones in your hair and then they will spend half an hour painstakingly finding the correct colour individual extensions to use in your hair, checking with you and discussing with you each colour to check you're happy.

I had just had a full head of bleach highlights and had visions of having a head full of white bleach blonde extensions and ending up looking like a Wannabe-Barbie-Doll but I explained my concerns and we discussed it and looked at all the various blonde shades and decided to add a few more natural, darker blondes (which were present in the underneath layers of my hair anyway) to create a much more 'natural' looking -  but still incredibly bright and glossy blonde. 

It took about three hours from start to finish and that included the consultation and personalised colour selection at the beginning, application (at one point I had two extensionists - felt like such a 'sleb!) and styling at the end. The extensions can actually be re-used (so if they fall out or begin to grow out they can just be re-attached to the root) for up to a year! And you need maintenance every three months at half the cost of the original fitting (if, however, a few have fallen our or you're going on holiday or a special event you're welcome to pop in and have the few strands sorted out or just the t-section etc). You need to use special shampoos and conditioners that are gentle on the hair and not full of silicones etc  - such as the Alberto Balsam range from Boots (£1 each!) - to help the longevity of the bonds. You can use conditioner but obviously don't apply too much to the roots/bonds but concentrate on the mid-lengths-ends and spray-in/leave-in conditioners and serums and products are all fine to use! Tatiana Extensions also gives you a special extension hairbrush to use which is really gentle and wont pull on the bonds.

I have found them to be incredibly comfortable and since having them applied almost two weeks ago I have only had to wash my hair twice and have found my hair really holds a style and basically needs nothing done to it in the morning (I sleep with a sleep roller in my fringe and my hair tied up in a ponytail or a plait to avoid pulling on the bonds as I toss and turn). 

The Salon itself is in Kensington and is absolutely beautiful with really decadent, luxurious decor which feels incredibly exclusive and high-end. I especially loved the bathroom which was not only divine but also stocked with beauty products such as deodarant, hair spray, flannels, perfumes, moisturisers etc so you really will walk out of there feeling and looking a million dollars. (Kinda wanted to steal Tatianas' two teeny weeny Chihuahuas - HOW CUTE!!??)

Maybe it's silly but I honestly have felt a million times happier and more attractive with my new long locks AND have massively enjoyed the ease of styling/lack of washing/effort I now have to spend on making my hair look fab. I basically wake up, give it a brush (maybe add some batiste to the roots and serum to the ends if it is day 3-4 of not washing it!) et voila - salon perfect hair in five minutes. I've also had so many wonderfully positive comments on it via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc and I made my big IRL hair 'debut' over the weekend at a friends Birthday and everyone complimented me on it so I am a very happy bunny.

The extensions range in price from £425 - £1,515 and I actually LOVE that the Tatiana Hair Extensions site has a very, very clear and detailed breakdown of the costs (why do most extension places say 'price on request/consultation' - given me a rough idea please for goodness sake!) and she offers a free consultation where you will discuss the best length, how many bonds you will need and which type of hair you would like. Tatiana hair extensions also offer bespoke one-piece clip in extensions. I paid £600 for my extensions. 

I previously had Pro Volume Extension Professional extensions by Louise Bailey - which are also great, especially for volume (as the name suggests!) and they didn't damage my hair AT ALL (yay!) but Louise was actually away the week I wanted my extensions done and I had seen and heard great things about Tatiana and especially as I was really after length this time so decided I would go in for a consultation on the Wednesday and was booked in for Friday afternoon!


I. bloody. love. them.



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