Non Surgical Rhinoplasty / Nose Job At Botonics By Naruschka Review | Before & After

7 Years ago (seven, to be precise) I underwent a septo-rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum. The end result left me with a straighter and slightly smaller nose, but as the operation was not purely cosmetic I definitely did not have a ‘cute’ nose and there were lots of things I still disliked about its appearance. I had a bump on the bridge which was visible from my side profile, my nose curved to the side which was visible from the front, I had a number of small indentations/depressions on the nose from the surgery and my septum was still uneven. These were all pretty minor imperfections but overall they really bothered me! 

I wanted my nose to look smaller from the side profile, straighter from the front, the tip to be slightly lifted and any lumps/bumps/depressions smoothed out. As you can see from all of the before and after photos this is exactly what was achieved!

Operations are a colossal undertaking and all things considered (risk, recovery time, cost etc) I really couldn’t justify a proper rhinoplasty/nose job. I had heard of non-surgical nose jobs using filler and had seen some great before and after photos on social media, so I began researching. I stumbled across this video featuring Naruschka Henriques, Head of Cosmetic Dermatology at the Botonics Plastic Surgery Group and then visited the non-surgical nose job page on the Botonics website. I found the page incredibly informative and liked the before and after photo so decided to drop Botonics an email about treatment! I was then asked to email some photographs of my nose so Naruschka could make an initial assessment (loved this as it meant there was no chance of an unnecessary trip all the way to London!) and was told that I was a suitable candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty so was booked in for a consultation at number 10 Harley Street with Naruschka.
Over the past 5 years or so I’ve had numerous injectable procedures and have often found that clinics/practitioners try and squeeze in as many patients as possible which has meant that on dozens of occasions I have felt rushed, confused, pressured, completely overwhelmed and unhappy and uneasy at so many appointments.  Seeing Naruschka was the TOTAL opposite! In the first consultation we had a long and detailed discussion about what I disliked and what she could realistically achieve using fillers, the after-care procedure, what to expect and the risks of the procedure. We also discussed lip fillers and botox as after meeting Naruschka a I decided I wanted to have these procedures done by Narushka as well.  When I left I felt super confident with my choice of practitioner and booked in to have three procedures done over a series of appointments. I tweeted waaaay back in June how reassured and excited I was after my initial consultation.
It took two sessions over two weeks to achieve the final result of the non-surgical nose job. At each session I sat with Narucschka and a handheld mirror as we discussed and agreed on the look we wanted to achieve.. Numbing cream is applied to the whole area of the nose and beneath the septum and nostrils (little video here!). Naruschka and I chatted away whilst the numbing cream was left to work and by the time it was wiped off and it was time for the injections I felt relaxed and quite excited (and of course a tiny but nervous too!)
The procedure itself took about 15-20 minutes each time and involved a series of little injections followed by Naruschka manipulating the filler into the correct position in my nose, so after every injection she would use her hands to press and push my nose. It wasn’t particularly painful apart from the injections to my septum which made my eyes water and made me sneeze! The fact I had one session and went back for another shows it’s definitely bearable. Naruschka was incredibly thorough and also knew I was slightly nervous so would always check I was okay and pause to give me a moment to take a deep breath/wipe my eyes etc – it’s a little thing but it made me feel so much better and was really appreciated! 
After both sessions immediately after the procedure I had a few needle marks on my nose and it was slightly red all over. Over the next few days (again, both times) I developed a small bruise on the bridge of my nose which is where the filler had been placed to disguise the bump. My nose was also sore to the touch for a few days after but there was absolutely zero down-time needed – my mum and I went out to eat after my first session and as you can see after just the one session it already looked much smaller and straighter – I was SO happy!
I was truly shocked by the fact that my nose looked smaller and more symmetrical and am 110% delighted by the results. I gave Naruschka a 5* review on Facebook and highly recommend her to anyone considering a non surgical nose job/rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic injectable procedures. I really felt like Naruschka truly cared about making my nose look the absolute best it could. I will be doing a video about the procedure but this is a great one by Fashion Slave who also had her non surgigcal nose job done by Naruschka at Botonics.
I am truly amazed at the difference in my nose. You can see it looks straighter, smaller and I actually LIKE how it looks now. It’s amazing to me just what can be done with a few injections by a skilled practitioner. There was zero down-time, minimal discomfort and the results can last 6-12 months. If you’re interested in the procedure or any other cosmetic procedures have a little look at the Botonics website or email
I also had my botox (forehead and a brow lift) and lip fillers done by Naruschka and am DELIGHTED with the results. I had a small lump in my lips and Naurschka disguised it perfectly and the end result is plumped up lips that look completely natural without any hard ridges and definitely no duck-lips or trout pout! I will be going back in a few months to keep my botox, nose and lip fillers topped up!
Another AMAZING thing about Botonics is that they very clearly outline the cost of each procedure (WHY do so many places keep it secret – completely bizarre!) AND they offer finance options, meaning you can pay for your treatments over three months. This is an absolute lifesaver for me and such a help. My non-surgical nose job was for review purposes but I paid for both my lip fillers and my botox and the finance option really helps – another reason I am a Botonics convert!
If you have any questions about the non-surgical rhinoplasty, lip fillers, botox or anything else just leave a comment.


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