Skinade: Collagen Drink for Beautiful Skin | #SkinadeJourney Day One

I am on a constant quest for that elusive perfect epidermis and I’m hoping a 40 day course of Skinade (*) will help me on my journey! Skinade is a drink which is to be consumed once a day and claims to “improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.” It contains no artificial flavours or colouring, is less than 35 calories and tastes like peach and mangosteen.

As we age, we lose collagen at the rate of 1.5% a year from our early twenties (slightly scary as I am hurtling towards my THIRTIES now!). Collagen is a critical part of the structure of the dermis, and gives our skin that lovely youthful plumpness. Developed by leading UK scientists and manufactured in the UK, the patent-pending formulation of Skinadce contains high-grade collagen and essential micronutrients.

Skinade works by increasing collagen in the bloodstream by adding 7000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen from each bottle (the daily dose), but more importantly triggers the body’s own collagen production by firing up the fibroblasts, our own collagen factories. Increasing collagen in the bloodstream also increases the body’s production of hyaluronic acid – AKA the holy grail of skin hydration!

1 bottle of Skinade is the equivalent of taking 20 pill supplements and has a much better absorption rate (80-90%). I’m completely useless at taking anything larger than a neurofen and all of the supplements I’ve seen tend to be ginormous; so the fact it’s simply a case of drinking one yummy drink per day is a HUGE plus for me and means I can genuinely easily fit it into my every day routine. 

SIDE NOTE: I am a total diet coke ADDICT and have been told very strictly that caffeine needs to be avoided one hour each side of your daily bottle of Skinade as it can hinder the absorption of the essential micro-nutrients and collagen. 

The ingredients:

-natural flavour of mangosteen & peach
-vitamin b complex
-vitamin c
-hydrolysed marine
-organic flax seed oil

I won’t go into all the science-y bit on the ingredients here - but to find out more about all of the ingredients you can check out the ‘What is Skinade’ page.  FYI for any vegans/vegetarians Skinade contains collagen sourced from freshwater fish which vegetarians/vegans.

Drinking Skinade on a daily basis for 30 days should result in:

- firmer, more even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin.
-reduction fine lines and wrinkles
-stronger, healthier and faster-growing hair and nails.

I’m officially starting my #SkinadeJourney today and will be reporting back in 40 days to see what benefits I’ve seen. In addition to the skin benefits I’m really hopeful the course will help sort out my brittle nails and give my damaged hair a bit of a boost. 

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