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Two weeks ago I enjoyed one of the most pampering, indulgent, relaxing facials(*) I have ever experienced at the delightful Paul Edmonds Salon on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. Almost six weeks into my new job and after deciding to embark on a fitness kick, the day of my facial saw me in the office at 8:45am, undertaking an hour of personal training in my lunch break followed immediately after by trialing the Bear Grylls Epic workout class, back in the office until just after 6, then running to be on time for my facial at 6:15. So when this bundle of stress, aching-all-over, rocked up ready for my facial I was delighted that my facialist Saynab knew instantly that I was 'very very tense!' and so made it her MISSION to relax me, as well as sort out my skin......

Wandering through the beautiful Georgian-inspired townhouse salon (and a wall of premium skincare products which made me literally squeal in excitement) I was led into my cocoon-like treatment room, filled out my treatment form and then my facialist Saynab took the time to discuss my specific my skin (and stress!) issues with me. After looking at my skin with one of those big-bright-lights, Saynab decided on the Skinceuticals antioxidant facial with massage and lymph drainage techniques. Skinceuticals are a range I absolutely adore for the mere fact the products really, really work (you can read more about the scienc-y bit here) and earlier that day Dr Kersh had recommended two of their products to me, so I knew the Skinceuticals facial would be a winner, and my poor body was crying out for the massage. I settled down into the comfy bed and allowed Saynab to work her magic.

The skinceuticals facial helps to detoxify the skin as well as reduce damage from free radicals and fight the signs of aging (yay!). The facial began with the gentle cleanser (double cleanse) plus the good old Clarisonic, which left my skin feeling lovely and clean, but without any dryness. This was followed by necessary extractions (ouch – but necessary! I had some redness around my nose, which Saynab warned me about before proceeding with the extractions, but I think it’s always better to get rid of any potential pesky blemishes and cover up the redness with concealer! You can always opt not to have extractions during a facial) followed by a hydrating mask applied all over my face and neck. 

At this point Saynab and I had been chatting for a while (she has over 15 years experience as a facialist and has a passion for her clients wellbeing and truly believes that how you feel inside reflects how you look on the outside) and she was clearly genuinely invested in helping me decrease my stress and improve my personal wellbeing and gave me lots of great tips on how relax (and where to do hot Yoga nearby which is meant to be amazing and good for aches and pains so I’m hoping to try a class soon!) and began the neck, shoulder and back massage. My back/shoulders were so knotty that it was on occasion ‘painful’ – but the really good kid of massage pain – if that makes sense? The ‘THAT HURTS BUT THEN FEELS AMAZING. MY GOD I CAN LITERALLY FEEL THE TENSION LEAVING MY BODY. OUCH. AHHHH. OUCH. AHHHH’ type pain.

Hydrating B5 Gel was used to hydrate my skin, giving it the “drink of water” it needs and the Phyto Corrective gel was added to heal, calm and soothe my sensitive skin and address hyperpigmentation. Finished off with the photoprotective benefits of C E Ferulic (one of the Skinceutials products recommended to me by Dr Kersh) I was left with refreshed, hydrated, less reactive skin and a lovely glow and when Saynab anxiously asked me if she had succeeded in making me feel any less stressed I replied, through closed eyes, that I’d be quite happy to fall asleep there and then in the treatment room I felt so relaxed - Mission successful Saynab!
I skipped home feeling as happy as larry and also took home a sample of the B5 Hydrating Gel (used AM and PM), Phyto Corrective Gel (PM) and the CE Ferulic (AM) and have been looooving all three products. Good thing it’s Pay-day this week (although not so good for my credit card)…!

Paul Edmonds offers a huge variety of services (hair, nails, waxing, facials etc etc!) and you can find out more at their website.  

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