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Today's post is going to be a collection of workout tips including the Zaggora Hotpants I've been using and my favourite (FREE) apps and Youtube videos. I'm sure we've all been inspired by the absolutely incredible Olympics (GO TEAM GB, We Love You Jess Ennis, Bring on the Paralympics, Marry Me Tom Daley  -NoButSeriouslyImNotEvenJokingActuallyMarryMeBecauseIhaveAtotallyAgeInappropriateCrushOnYouILoveYou.....)

My friends and I even held our own sporting event. The Beer Olympics. Okay, so, I mean it wasn't quite a heptathlon but more beer-pong and boat races - but we embraced the Olympic spirit and that's what counts! Anyway, I know not all of us get excited at the thought of actuallygoing to the gym or excercising.

 In fact, this kind of sums up my general view with regards to any form of physical exertion...

But, I have been bitten (ish) by the working out bug. I say 'ish' because, no, I don't 'enjoy' going for a run and it's still a massive chore to actually force myself to get on the treadmill, but I have seen results and that is what is spurring me on. Plus, it really does get easier! I've found I can run (fine, fast-walk) for longer and further and actually complete workout videos without spending half of it sprawled on my back panting like a dying dog, as the peppy workoutcoach tells me how fabulous I'm doing.

First things first.

1.) Buy cute workout clothes.
It may sound silly and they don't HAVE to be cute (but, come on, cute is always better.) but there's something about having 'workout clothes' and lacing up your trainers that puts you in this weird frame of mind whereby you actually feel the strange desire to step away from the laptop and do some excercise!

In terms of cute workout clothes AND helping you tone up and lose weight, my reccommendation is the Zaggora hotpants. I bought the Zaggora Viva hotpants in blue. (£50) I'm sure you've heard all the buzz surrounding them and I'm happy to report they really do work! I tweeted when I first ever put them on that I had to do that awkward jumping dance when your ass and hips (I say hips - you know I mean love handles) don't quite fit so you sort of wiggle your way into them. Once I'd got them on I realised it was basically like wearing a wetsuit and they make an amusing 'swishy' sound when you walk. Apart from the fact I felt like little miss sporty when I was wearing them I didn't think they'd do much. Now, there's lots of science behind it and Zaggora phrase it 'Zaggora phrase it as 'they increase your core temperature' - but I'm going to put it very, very simply.

They make you sweat like a bitch.

Nice, eh? it's true, you take the things off and you (and the hotpants) will be drenched with sweat. Maybe it's not the nicest, but I've seen the difference in my bum, hips and thighs and the hotpants have become easier and easier to get on - no wiggle-jump-dance required. The website has a series of really good, short videos, delightfully titled 'The Get Wet Workout' which I would also highly reccommend even if you don't want to splash out on the hotpants. I wear the hotpants whenever I am doing any kind of excercise, be it cardio on the treadmill, blogilates videos or apps or even taking the dogs out for a walk.

At £50 they are expensive, but I wear them every single time I work out PLUS I am seeing results with them so I think they are worth it. For you savvy shoppers there are ALWAYS deals on things like Groupon and wowcher (WOWCHER!!!!!) where you can purchase them at a discount so do keep your eye out.

You don't need to buy expensive stuff, pop into your local Sports Direct (I know it makes a change from Topshop, Zara, Primark, Zara, Topshop and Zara) and you'll find that THE WHOLE DAMN SHOP IS ON SALE. Seriously, I bought a sports bra for £5. Have a little browse next time you're in-between Zara and Topshop and I guarante you'll spot a bargain.

2.) Use FREE Workout Apps and Youtube Videos
One of my favourite Youtube discoveries is Casey from Blogilates. She does really short but hardcore videos all set to amazingly cheesy pop songs. My personal favourite is the 'booty workout' to One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' A.K.A 'What makes you BOOTYFULL' - just. bloody. brilliant. What I tend to do is select a few videos (she does videos for all areas such as inner thighs, thighs, arms, abs, core, cardio etc etc), maybe 15-20 minutes worth and will then do them after I've done some cardio. If I'm having a really lazy cannot-be-arsed-at-ALL-day I might do just one or two! The great thing about these is that they're so quick, easy, targeted, fun, free and you don't need any fancy-dan gym equipment.

Workout Trainer by Skimble  - You can pay for extras on this but it's essentially an app which has lots of different workouts from easy-intense and from 10-30 minutes. You can chose individual workouts such as 'Planks, lunges and jumps' or 'Cardio fit #1' - or you can select a 'Bootcamp' such as 'The Slim & Trim Bootcamp Workout' whereby you will chose the 3-4 days a week that you want to work out and what time suits you best and the app will remind you before your workout and it keeps track of all the workouts you've done etc. The videos themselves are prety standard and involve a personal trainer demonstrating and talking you through the excercise, peppered with motivational 'JUST 2 MORE, YOU'RE DOING GREAT!'. If you miss a workout for whatever reason it also allows you to reschedule and moves all the future workouts accordingly.

AbsoluteABS - Very simple. You select 'Quick Start' then select 'Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced' and you can see a list of excercises for you to follow. It's not a video so you have to actually click on the excercise, e.g 'scissor kicks' and you'll view some text and pictures with that to do. You then click 'LET'S DO IT' and a very nice lady tells you which excercises to do, how many to do, how long you have left etc. So, it's pretty basic but then again I think it's really helpful to have a set combination of excercises to do and to have a guide of exactly how long for, how long to rest etc. Just make sure you have a look at what the excersies are or the lady will shout 'AAAAAND REVERSE SUPERMAN' - and you will be mighty, mighty confused.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker: Livestrong -I LOVE the MyPlate element of this app because it's just so simple. You set your daily calorie allowance and then you enter what you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks then it tells you how many calories you have left for that day and what you've eaten in total. You can check on the 'Progress' section to see a chart showing you what days you went over or under your daily allowance and you can also chart your weight loss. It's probably the most simple thing but keeping a track of EVERYTHING you eat and having the calorie counter is super helpful.

So, those are a few of my tips on what I've been doing to tone up. If you have a favourite Youtuber or App PLEASE let me know in the comments! I'm always on the hunt for more.

I shall leave you with some inspiration...

And this. Because I'm nice. Okay, it's really just for me.

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