Birffdayyy Girl.

Last Thursday it was my twenty second birthday. I am now officially getting old - as someone wrote on my Facebook 'Welcome to the Jungle - it sucks'.

Despite me banning anyone from saying my actual age I did have a fabulous birthday and I shall share with you my outfit, hair and make-up from the day!

I wore this dress (It's bloody short so ALWAYS WEAR WITH TIGHTS) from Oasis.

Earlier in the day I met up with my bestie in London and was in a manic rush (If you ever meet me....I'm always late. Always.) so I grabbed the first pair of black tights I could find and put them on - they turned out to be my Henry Holland Suspender tights complete with huge ladder all down the back. Needless to say I wandered around Covent Garden feeling (and looking) like an off-duty lady of the night. I changed into slightly more demure and less hooker-esque tights as soon as I came home.

I wore my trusty Foxy Locks Extensions and have been using this beauty in order to achieve voluminousity
(definitely a word).

The great thing about this product is that, having tried and tested many 'volume-promising' products, it's very easy to spray just a tiny bit too much and end up with the opposite of sky-high hair and end up with a lank, sticky barnet. Amazingly, I've found that with this product, For once more really is more!

(...It actually says that on the bottle I'm not just suddenly coming up with some witty writing)

Onto the make-up...

Lancome - Hypnose Mascara
Eyelure - 107 False Lashes
Urban Decay -Midnight Cowboy Rides Again -all over lid
Urban Decay - Half Baked - Crease
Rimmel - Exaggerate Liquid Liner


MUFE - Face and Body Foundation
Nars - Penny Lane Cream Blusher
Bourjouis - Chocolate Bronzer


MAC - Impassioned

'Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump' - what a mouthful!
(See what I did there?)

I picked this up on a whim when I was in Boots because, well, I am an advertisers DREAM and believe absolutely anything that I'm told. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this and found that it really did make my lips look slightly fuller. It tingles ever so slightly but I wouldn't say it's painful and it doesn't last very long and it leaves behind a very pleasant non-sticky, slightly minty clear shine.

I will let you lot be the judge regarding my temporary trout pout...

So that was my actual birthday! I don't have many photos from my birthday night-out
but I will leave you with this gem....

Don't apply your lipstick in the dark without a mirror kids!
- Judging from this photo you'll all be seeing me on Snog, Marry, Avoid any day now.


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