Maybelline Pulse Perfection - Review

When I saw this for the first time in Boots I pressed the 'on' button and felt the wand and remarked 'It doesn't even vibrate!' and saw the price (£14 or so) and walked straight past it! However, after seeing a few reviews on blogs and YT and as it is now on offer I decided I would pick one up and see if it worked for me, if I liked it and if the vibration really is 'just a gimmick'.


Blast Off! Lash blast.

What I think:


MAC mineralize finish - 'BLONDE'

MAC mineralize finish - 'BLONDE'

It is absolutely divine. I actually adore the colour it is such a subtle pinky shimmery sheen - It's too dark for me to get a good swatch (believe me i tried!) so I will do it tomorrow. But it is beautiful. I only own a mineralize skinfinish in medium which I buff into my face - any tips for application ? I thought I would use my GOSH fan brush.


Fakes! Hair mask review & HG Mascara.

. I recently 'won' an Alice Mccall for Topshop dress from ebay and was super excited for it to arrive but twitterworld has made me a bit of a skeptic now so I decided I would have a closer look at the dress and..


Ubran Decay Palette and Lush Oatifix Scrub

Now, I promised to swatch all of these fan-tab-ulous glittery colours from my Urban Decay palette


What I Wore Today

I took my inspiration for this outfit from a photo I saw on the Urban Outfitters website and saved:


Eye eye there!

For the night time I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and I just added the Body Shop blue eye liner to make it a bit more interesting. Click the photo for details of colours used.


Brushes and bronzers and lip balm - oh my!

Jack wills dress and topshop white cardigan.

The mother also went shopping today and she picked up this gorgeous lip balm for me from SPACE NK after I watched this adorable video from Aleksis


Redken Extreme Review

Redken Extreme - CAT - Protein Restructuring treatment


Skincare and tousled hair

I have spent the last hour or so (it was suuuch an effort) compiling a little flow chart (I'm such a nerd) illustrating my daily skincare regime - morning & night-time! Unfortunately the brand 'Skinceuticals' - which the majority of my products are - are only available in certain Beauty Salons and the prices are only available in dollars on the US website so I didn't bother adding them in. My suggestion to you guys is to go to any reputable Beauty Salon near you and ask them for samples as they last a long time! Then you can ask the prices and see if it is worth spending the money.

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